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Some absolutely gorgeous wedding invitations designed by Shakina Razale. All you BTB’s have you considered doing that? With all the graphics available online now it’s definitely in the realm of possibilities. Why not give it a try. Good Luck.

Shakina Razale

I had a chance to design the invites for the wedding of my husband’s BFF. It all started with a simple browse through the nonsense stuff I posted online. Gotta love technology now. 😛

Decided on a garden theme for the lovebirds based on their wedding venue. Any BTBs out there planning to hold your wedding at Hort Park? 🙂

It was my first time designing a cover for the envelopes too! Kicking myself a bit for not having customised envelopes of my own. LOL. Alhamdulillah for a fuss free couple btw. So happy that everything turned out pretty in the end. ♥

To the girls who have emailed me with so much love, thank you! Really appreciate the kind words as well as your patience and understanding as I try to get back to you as soon as my printer responds. 🙂


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