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Just click on the link above to find 40 Decoupage Ideas that are pretty amazing. This also gives you helpful tutorials if you need any help.

I sincerely LOVE decoupage or you may call it Modge Podge although that’s merely just the name brand of one of the many on the market. It is white in the bottle and when you first put it on, but not to fear. It will dry clear. This is why we always go over the entire surface when we are finished. It seals over the surface to serve as a sealer. And – it looks awesome and will keep for years.
I also love when a Decoupaged project can serve more than 1 use. The project below just happens to be one of those projects in the link above that I pulled out for example.
One of the things I decoupage with most is scrapbook paper. You’ve got to admit it’s the most widely available and comes in some of the most beautiful designs out there. But you can find many other items to work with such as wallpaper or border, photographs, among a few. I was thinking another would work and that’s whatever coloring pages you are working on since the adult coloring book became so popular, your own artwork or your children’s artwork. All great ideas. 

Look for this project after clicking the link above.

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Turn a plain wood storage bin into a beautiful home decorating accent with this decoupage craft idea from Amy Anderson. Use your favorite scrapbook papers and embellishments for this decorative storage project. This how to decoupage tutorial and home décor idea shows you how to transform an otherwise plain old storage bin into something you will actually want to show off with impressive mod podge ideas.

Stop shoving all your storage bins into closets and pantries. Snazzy DIY organizers like this one allow you to place your clutter out in the open, transforming it from an eyesore to a piece of décor. You will be astonished at how quickly a bin like this for holding extra magazines and clutter classes up your living space. Just follow the step-by-step instructions on how to decoupage on wood storage containers below to create your very own version of this chic container.

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