Swing Memories: The Sewanee Swing Society


Fall, 1998.
Sewanee University, Monteagle, Tennessee

Before I had fallen in love with swing dancing, I had accepted my application to a college on a mountain in the middle of nowhere, Tennessee.

Sewanne, originally known as the University of the South (but, for obvious reasons, we tended just to call it the much more pastoral and less Confederate-y “Sewanee”), is a small liberal arts college with about 1400 people, best known for its writing programs and, in conjunction with such programs, its heavy drinking. (One year, when a publication listed the top ten drinking schools, Sewanee wasn’t on the list. There was a note at the bottom, however, that said: “Sorry Sewanee, list doesn’t include professionals.”)

One of the reasons for the heavy drinking is the fact that Sewanee is the only thing of interest for many, many miles, unless you don’t get tired of watching the locals yell at…

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